Thursday, February 07, 2013

Building permit activity drops in Manitoba

Building permit activity drops in Manitoba

The 56.3 per cent decline was the second biggest percentage drop in the country after Prince Edward Island’s 64.7 per cent. December’s total was also down 3.2 per cent from a year earlier, when $146.2 million worth of permits were issued. Read More

Sun News : Shipping container condo complex planned for Winnipeg

Sun News : Shipping container condo complex planned for Winnipeg

This seems like a good idea. There have been others built in other cities and judging from pictures I have seen they appear to be pleasant looking and innovative. Recycling old shipping containers and train cars is done regularly at the steel mill in nearby Selkirk. This reuse of containers is another effort to reduce waste and has a green focus to it.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

House or Cottage Lifting and Leveling - Manitoba Contractor

Smoke On The Water Ent.
Based in Winnipeg Manitoba
Phone 204-785-0331 or 785-9995 

Bonded and Insured 

Smoke On The Water provides a full range of services to keep your home and cottage in prime condition. They have over 40 years of experience in cottage and house levelling, remediation, restoration and flood mitigation work. From minor levelling work to complete foundation repairs to new construction; they have the professionals to completer your project no matter the size.

Lifting a house and raising it above flood level.

The SOTW team understands the detail involved in the profession and they have over the years grown their experience to provide the services that are required in making your project a success.

Services Include
  • Property Restoration and Remediation
  • New Building Construction,
  • Renovations and Repairs
  • Building Lifting, Levelling and Moving
  • Foundation work, Waterproofing, New Basements
  • Concrete and Cement Work
  • Pad and Post Work
  • Full Carpentry Services.
  • Spayed in Place Foam Insulation
  • Demolition, Excavation and Fill 
The company crews are presently working in the St. Laurent region of the province helping cottage and house owners remediate their flood damage and carry out flood proofing measures to help mitigate against future flooding.

You can also visit their new website directly to learn more about the services and solutions available from Smoke On The Water Ent.

Contact them anytime to discuss your needs!
Phone 204-785-0331 or 785-9995